List of Accepted Exploratory Papers

The Following Exploratory Papers have been accepted
  • Coordination, Communication, and Competition in eSports: A Comparative Analysis of Teams in Two Action Games, Viktoriya Lipovaya, Yuri Lima, Pedro Grillo, Carlos Eduardo Barbosa, Jano Souza and Francisco Duarte
  • Towards a Better Understanding of Availability and Interruptibility with Mobile Availability Probes, Mirko Fetter, Anna-Lena Müller, Petr Vasilyev, Laura Marie Barth and Tom Gross
  • Blockchain and CSCW – Shall we care?, Wolfgang Prinz
  • Reconsidering online reputation systems Anna Wilson and Stefano De Paoli
  • Exploring the Impact of Video on Inferred Difficulty Awareness, Jason Carter, Mauro Mauro Pichiliani and Prasun Dewan
  • Infrastructuring for remote night monitoring: frictions in the strive for transparency when digitalising care service, Christoffer Andersson, Michela Cozza, Lucia Crevani, and Jonathan Schunnesson
  • Exploring Forced Migrants (Re)settlement & the Role of Digital Services, Ana Maria Bustamante Duarte, Auriol Degbelo and Christian Kray
  • The Digital Work Environment–a Challenge and an Opportunity for CSCW, Gerolf Nauwerck and Rebecka Cowen Forssell
  • The Novelty Effect in Large Display Deployments – Experiences and Lessons-Learned for Evaluating Prototypes, Michael Koch, Kai von Luck, Jan Schwarzer and Susanne Draheim
  • Supporting Collaboration in Small Volunteer Groups with Socio-Technical Heuristics, Alexander Nolte, Isa Jahnke, Irene-Angelica Chounta and Thomas Herrmann
  • Revive Old Discussions! Socio-technical Challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises within Industry 4.0, Thomas Ludwig, Christoph Kotthaus, Martin Stein, Volkmar Pipek and Volker Wulf

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