About the Social Events in France

Some of you may have read that there are some protest or strikes in France. From abroad, it sounds always much worse than it actually is. Whatever one may think of the reasons of these events, it can be worrisome for the traveler. Here are a few information that should help you to travel safely and join us at ECSCW.

Among all, the main issue is the Railway company strike (SNCF). The strike is slowing down and more and more trains are running. Discussions are going on and it will probably be back to normal in June. For more update-to-date information, please consult the dedicated web site at https://en.oui.sncf/train/greve

In any case, the strike is planned on two days out of five. For us, it means on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3 and on Thursday, June 7 and on Friday, June 8. If you plan to travel on these days, book your train as early as possible and install the SNCF application on your phone (if possible). You will be notified in case of a problem with your reservation and they will confirm your travel if it is ok.

In any case, you will have a full information about the state of the traffic 48 hours prior to your travel if it is on a strike day.

Regarding other events, especially the student protests, the mobilization is quite low. Nothing is happening on the campus where the conference takes place. We will gladly explain you the situation and the reasons for these protests during your stay.

If you have any question or concern, do not hesitate to contact us.