List of Accepted Long Papers

The Following Long Papers have been accepted
  • Speaking Their Mind: Populist Style and Antagonistic Messaging in the Tweets of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Nigel Farage, and Geert Wilders, A’Ndre Gonawela, Joyojeet Pal, Udit Thawani, Elmer van der Vlugt, Wim Out, and Priyank Chandra
  • Online Support Groups for Depression in China: Culturally Shaped Interactions and Motivations, Renwen Zhang, Jordan Eschler, Madhu Reddy
  • The Beauty of Ugliness: Preserving while Communicating Online with Shared Graphic Photos, Majdah Alshehri and Norman Makoto Su
  • From Work to Life and Back Again: Examining the Digitally-Mediated Work/Life Practices of a Group of Knowledge Workers, Luigina Ciolfi and Eleanor Lockley
  • In Search for the Perfect Pathway: Supporting Knowledge Work of Welfare Workers, Nina Boulus-Rødje
  • Of Embodied Action and Sensors: Knowledge and Expertise Sharing in Industrial Set-up, Aparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho, Sven Hoffmann, Darwin Abele, Marcus Schweitzer, Peter Tolmie, David Randall and Volker Wulf
  • Variations in Oncology Consultations: How Dictation allows Variations to be Documented in Standardized Ways, Peter Mørck, Tue Odd Langhoff, Mads Christophersen, Anne Kirstine Møller, and Pernille Bjørn
  • Designing for Sustainability: Key Issues of ICT Projects for Ageing at Home, Johanna Meurer, Claudia Müller, Carla Simone, Ina Wagner and Volker Wulf
  • Room for Silence: Ebola Research, Pluralism and the Pragmatic Study of Sociomaterial Practices, Isaac Holeman
  • Co-Creating the Workplace: Participatory efforts to enable individual work at the Hoffice, Chiara Rossitto, Airi Lampinen
  • “What do you want for dinner?” – Need Anticipation and the design of proactive technologies for the home, Lewis Hyland, Andy Crabtree, Joel Fischer, James Colley, and Carolina Fuentes
  • The Effect of Collaboration Styles and View Independence on Video-mediated Remote Collaboration, Seungwon Kim, Mark Billinghurst, Gun Lee
  • Physical versus Digital Sticky Notes in Collaborative Ideation, Mads Møller Jensen, Sarah-Kristin Thiel, Eve Hoggan, and Susanne Bødker
  • Don’t be afraid! Persuasive Practices in the Wild, Mateusz Dolata and Gerhard Schwabe
  • Towards Evolutionary Named Group Recommendations, Jacob W. Bartel and Prasun Dewan
  • Newcomers’ Barriers… Is That All? An Analysis of Mentors’ and Newcomers’ Barriers in OSS Projects, Sogol Balali, Igor Steinmacher, Umayal Annamalai, Anita Sarma, and Marco Gerosa
  • An Analysis of Merge Conflicts and Resolutions in Git-based Open Source Projects, Hoai-Le Nguyen and Claudia-Lavinia Ignat
  • The Types, Roles, and Practices of Documentation in Data Analytics Open Source Software Libraries: A Collaborative Ethnography of Documentation Work, R. Stuart Geiger, Nelle Varoquaux, Charlotte Mazel-Cabasse, and Chris Holdgraf
  • Accountability in Brazilian Governmental Software Project: How Chat Technology enables Social Translucence in Bug Report Activities, Nelson Tenório, Danieli Pinto, and Pernille Bjørn
  • Folksonomies to support coordination and coordination of folksonomies, Corey Jackson, Kevin Crowston, Carsten Østerlund, and Mahboobeh Harandi
  • Worksome but Rewarding – Stakeholder Perceptions on Value in Collaborative Design Work, Marianne Kinnula, Netta Iivari, Minna Isomursu and Sari Laari-Salmela

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